What's up! I've been a NASM certified personal trainer since 2017. Working out with me means that you can be physically active in the absence of unsolicited diet-talk and weight-loss talk. My workouts are inclusive and affirming to all body sizes, genders, ages and skill levels. Rather than focus on what society tells us what we should lose, we focus on all that we have to GAIN through being physically active. Instead of being pushed to change your body, you will be challenged to change how you relate to fitness. Maybe you will even enjoy working out. 😇 😈


"Working with Bianca has CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! She's empowered me to connect with my body, learn about anatomy and health from past trauma. Bianca is patient, honest, kind trustworthy, and hilarious. Working with her has been one of the best investments I've made to take care of myself in a long time."

"I can be in my body without shame, without judgement, and without the ever present diet culture and insistence that you have to conform to a certain way."

"Bianca is so body affirming. I feel so much more confident in my body because of my work with Bianca. She's a gem!"

"Bianca's training combines high energy, thoughtfulness, inclusivity, and fun...while still being genuinely challenging! I've worked with Bianca for years and she has been instrumental in helping many of my patients return to function. She is always open to collaboration and we've both learned a lot from each other. I trust Bianca 100% and am proud to call her a friend and colleague."

- Dr. Hannah Schoonover, PT, DPT


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(1) Personal Training 

Personal training is live, 1-on-1 exercise instruction and encouragement in real time.


(2) Remote Coaching

Remote coaching provides you with custom videos and empowers you to workout independently.


(3) Group Training

Group Training is the more budget friendly version of personal training in a group setting. 


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Let's Chat!

Schedule a free video consultation with me if you're not hating the sound of this so far. Let's test our vibe to see how we get along on Zoom. We can chat about what you want to get out of your fitness program, what you don't want, and together we'll figure out what makes the most sense for us moving forward.