A Virtual Fitness Community

Bianca Russo Fitness is a neurodiverse community made of LGBTQIA+ folks with varying body sizes who are encouraged to move at their own pace and are affirmed in their experiences. We take up space as humans who do not fit the industry “norm.”


No matter your age, whether you're brand new to your fitness journey, or a skilled gym-goer, your history with fitness matters within this community. We’ll meet you exactly where you’re at with a customized, trauma-informed delivery of physical activity which prioritizes your safety and enjoyment while moving your body. 

"Bianca facilitates a quick and efficient sign up process for appointments. She’s so body affirming and Health at Every Size friendly, too. I feel so much more confident in my body because of my work with Bianca. She's a gem!"

- Emily Goodstein 

"I can be in my body without shame, without judgement, and without the ever present diet culture and insistence that you have to conform to a certain way." 

- Marianne Kirby

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