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What is weightism?

> Weightism is bias or discrimination against people who are fat. This represents the antithesis of my values. 

Do you align with Health at Every Size™️?

> I believe all humans have a birthright to engage in physical activity to the degree of their abilities. While it would be nice to experience joyful movement, there's often a need to first create accommodations for safe access to movement.

Are you trauma-informed regarding eating disorders or body image issues? 

> Yes.

Do you have experience working with people who have complex, marginalized identities? 

> Yes.

Do you offer in-person training? 

> Not at this time.

Are you a certified personal trainer?

> I became a certified personal trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2017, and maintained the credential for 6 years. I continue to work full-time as a movement and fitness coach, but I no longer operate under certification. 

How often do you suggest that we meet for private training?

> It varies, but training 2x per week is most common.

I haven't worked out in a loooong time or EVER. What do you recommend? 

> Please book a call with me and we can start figuring out what might work for you.


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