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Do you offer in-person training? 

> No, only virtual training.


I haven't worked out in a loooong time or EVER. What do you recommend? 

> Please book a call with me so we can discuss your situation.



What's the difference between personal training and coaching?

> When you sign up for personal training, you will make appointments for your workout sessions and we will meet live on Zoom at the time that you scheduled. You will be trained in real-time during that appointment. 

> When you sign up for customized coaching, you will get personalized video demonstrations and unlimited chatting in your private Slack channel.

How often do you suggest that we meet for personal training?

> I suggest that we meet on Zoom two times per week.

Training with you seems expensive. What do you suggest for someone looking to get active on a budget?

> Upon request, a sliding scale is always available.

Schedule a call with me!