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Group Training Membership is a recurring subscription with live, 60-minute group meetings on Zoom once every month. Membership is for you want to be physically active in a group setting where the spotlight isn't only on you. 


What is this exactly?

During the live group meetings, you will be introduced human skeletal and muscular anatomy, and the science behind the exercises and programming structure. We will also have group discussion prompts, and you'll have the option to re-establish your individual values around your "physical activity goals."


After the live meeting on Zoom, our discussion and your workout template will be accessible to you online. You will get chat-access to your fellow group members on Slack where you can cheer each other on, complain together, ask questions, and celebrate your relevant achievements online -- big and smol.



A main value of our training together will be adapting movements as to accommodate your comfort level and abilities. We will incorporate necessary mobility aids so that the movement remains accessible to you. In order to reprocess our relationships to movement, we will establish fundamentals such as deep breathing skills and sensory based grounding techniques.

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