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Every Saturday morning in June I will be leading a free, 30-minute bodyweight workout which means you don't need any special equipment. Though, a yoga mat and a water bottle would be nice to have.


During this total body exercise routine I will coach you on safe form, and I'll demonstrate modifications for every move so that you have a choice. Yeah, working out is supposed to be challenging but having a choice means that you can workout in an appropriate manner based on your ability and comfort level. 

Space in class is limited so register pronto!! 

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"I can be in my body without shame, without judgement, and without the ever present diet culture and insistence that you have to conform to a certain way." 
- Marianne Kirby

"Bianca is so body affirming. I feel so much more confident in my body because of my work with Bianca. She's a gem!"
- Emily Goodstein